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Today’s multifaceted woman is everywhere and on par with Men! Be it in the space or heading a budget meeting with complex numbers, be it in acing the internet with her fashion or beauty content or mentoring a team of 10 or even 100. Positions of VPs, CMO, CEOs, GMs, Editors and Directors have all seen powerful inspiring, and fearless women running the show. Today’s new age woman is the designer of her own dreams. She is independent, confident and has a mind of her own. She decides for herself and takes charge of her own finances, shopping,  jewellery, career, marriage, travel, etc. But when it comes to indulging in luxury watches, we have observed that women are not yet open to embrace complicated mechanisms. Buying a World Timer that allows them to detect time across 6-8 time zones on a single dial or exploring watches with a Tourbillon movement is not something that gets them so excited. Discovering what a grand tapisserie is or what a sun-ray dial is, may not be her ideal interest when choosing a timepiece. Normally a timepiece is either gifted to a woman or she opts for a jeweled timepiece that probably matches all her looks. Investing in a bold complicated timepiece may not be her key interest, even though she may be a watch lover.

It is this gap that JAMM aims to bridge, it was born in December 2020 by none other than Watch connoisseur and Collector, founder of India’s first Watch & jewellery magazine for consumers- Time n Style, Watch lover and a Mission Delegate India for FHH Geneva, Ms. Anita Khatri, who really needs no more introduction in the watch industry. JAMM is a India’s First Women’s Watch Club with our journey beginning in 2020. With the changing tides of time, JAMM aims to build conversations around fine watchmaking for watch enthusiasts: GIVING MORE POWER TO WOMEN, while she hustles through the challenges unfazed.

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