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La Panthére de Cartier

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La Panthére de Cartier

Cartier’s iconic panther fiercely magnetizes this jewellery watch. This La Panthère model is a bold, graphic, and sculptural watch which depicts the panther closing its jaws on a black lacquered dial. This piece in white gold with diamond pave displays a fierce gaze with emerald eyes. Each element in the watch, the panther’s nose, cheeks, eyes or pointed ears are designed in three dimensions.

The head seamlessly connects to an integrated bracelet. Equipped with an ingenious system and no visible hinges, it hugs the wearer as close to the wrist as possible, magnetically and seamlessly. Available in two variants attired in a body of yellow gold, rose gold or white gold with a diamond pave model. The yellow gold or rose gold variant is speckled with black lacquer with tsavorite eyes. Recalling the Art Deco origins of the Reverso, the reverse side of the pink gold case is set with white diamonds and black onyx in an intricate pattern. Vertical rows of diamonds wrap around the convex sides of the case and frame the dial. The centre of the dial is set with white diamonds. Each of the tiny links that form the supple chain have been set with diamonds. 

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