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An IWC Schaffhausen Watchmaking Masterclass

I received an invitation to attend a Watchmaking Masterclass hosted by the esteemed Swiss Luxury Watchmaker, IWC Schaffhausen, in collaboration with Art of Time at their inaugural boutique at the JIO World Plaza, Mumbai. Excited by the opportunity, I promptly confirmed my interest. This session primarily focused on introducing participants to the mechanics of a watch. As someone who had previously attended similar courses, it served as a comprehensive refresher.

While the watchmaking masterclass aimed to provide a basic understanding of watch mechanisms, it was clear that mastering such intricate workings takes time. We delved into the fundamentals, exploring how a watch derives its power from the barrel spring and utilizes a series of precisely crafted gears, including the Balance & Escape Wheel assembly, to regulate time. Despite its complexity, the elegance of each component was apparent, highlighting the meticulous craftsmanship involved in watchmaking.

Participants were equipped with essential precision tools and guided through the process of disassembling and reassembling the movement, focusing on the bridges and larger gear wheels. However, the watch was not completely dismantled, emphasizing the delicate nature of these components and the need for specialized handling with watchmaker tweezers and loupes for magnification.

Through this hands-on experience, we gained insight into the intricacies of detailing, designing, and manufacturing a wristwatch. The movement alone comprised approximately 167 parts, skilfully encapsulated within the watchcase to form a cohesive unit. It was truly immersive, providing a glimpse into the precision and dedication of skilled watchmakers.

The workshop was impeccably organized by IWC, offering a warm welcome with a delicious brunch and providing luxurious, professional setups at each workstation. Under the guidance of dedicated trainers, participants had the opportunity to explore the art of watchmaking first-hand.

Overall, the experience was invaluable, offering watch enthusiasts a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship behind each timepiece. Such workshops serve as a reminder of the dedication and expertise required to create these exquisite works of art.

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