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Frederique Constant – Live The High Life

Frederique Constant

Frederique Constant is a truly unique brand that has risen rather quickly in the luxury world. The young brand (born in 1992) has an interesting story behind its creation. A gentleman named Peter Stas wanted to gift his wife a watch. However, all the watches he found either didn’t impress him or were simply too expensive. This led to him making the decision of creating his own watch that he could gift her. This simple but radical decision gave rise to the brand we know as Frederique Constant today.
Frederique Constant tries to embody the truth about how one must always strive to ‘live their passion’. One has to agree with this as a life without passion is a poor life indeed. Another remarkable feature of this brand is its pricing. It has premium pricing for products that could pass off as a prestige item. 
Let’s take a look at some of the timepieces for women they have to offer. 

The highlife ladies automatic 

Frederique Constant

This 34 mm glamorous beauty yellow gold watch comes with eight diamond hour markers. A truly timeless classic that would add warmth and brilliance to the wearer’s wrist. It has an interchangeable bracelet and comes with additional white straps.
The engraved representation of the globe added to the aesthetics of the timepiece and is a signature feature of the highlife collection. 

the Classic Art Deco Line 

Frederique Constant

This timepiece is perfect for the ladies that are looking to adorn their wrists with something unconventional. The watch fits perfectly on the curve of the wrist. With its style this watch pays tribute to the Art Deco movement from the 1920’s. 

We hope you enjoyed reading and discovering this young humble brand, is it making it’s way into your watch wardrobe?

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