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#ThroughTheLookingGlass: At the start of the year, JAMM predicts 7 Luxury Watch Trends for 2023

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Predicting the future has always been mankind’s ultimate dream. While predicting the future accurately is still impossible, one can make pretty accurate predictions using logic and experience. 

Here are our 7 predictions about the trends in the Haute Horlogerie World:

Fortune’s Favourite: Bold Colours

Bold Coloured Watches

The saying goes, “Fortune favours the bold”, and in 2023 we predict that bold colours will be a trend again. Luxury timepieces coloured in neutrals have always been a favourite, but we believe in the coming year, bold colours will gain more popularity. 

The trend of bold colours being preferred over neutrals and minimalist aesthetics can already be seen in other arenas like makeup and clothing. In the past few years, a number of bold colours like bright greens, charming pink hues and bright passion reds have started finding their way into the treasure troves of watch enthusiasts and many luxury brands.They have put out gorgeous timepieces with bold colourings.We think this trend will continue on an upwards trajectory in 2023.

Making a Statement: Oversized Watches

Oversized Watch
ORIS Aquispro Date Calibre 400

More and more people consider timepieces to be more than just a device that tells you the time. These wrist arts are considered to be an important part of an individual’s persona and we believe that big, statement-making watches with large dials and cases with sizes over 40-42mm will steadily take over shelf and wardrobe space. Go big, will definitely be the sentiment felt across the watch industry as brands vie for the interest of watch enthusiasts and collectors.

The Era of the Influencer: Rise of Collaborations

Watch Collaboration
Apple X Hermes

In the age of the influencers, we would be remiss to not include celebrity and cross-brand collaborations in our predictions for 2023. Luxury Watchmakers have been collaborating with influential individuals and powerhouse designers for a long time. Collaborations are the way forward.
How can we forget the  longstanding collaboration between Hermes and Apple that started in 2015. Both of them are experts in their own fields. With this collaboration they offered consumers the best of technological and traditional luxury craftsmanship, sending out a powerful fashion statement. In addition to the Hermes Band, a new watch face, Hermès Lucky Horse that nods to the brand’s equestrian roots is a result of the marriage. The animated horse comes playfully alive when you raise your wrist. 

Watch Collaboration
Patek Philippe Nautilus

One of the recent collaborations of brands  that we cannot miss is of Patek Philippe and Tiffany & Co. In 2021  Patek Philippe collaborated with Tiffany & Co. on the Nautilus 5711/1A-018 model, celebrating their 170-year-old association with a beautiful dial coloured in iconic blue, the signature colour Tiffany & Co is known by. 

We can’t forget the most recent  Omega and Swatch collaboration on the Bioceramic MoonSwatch Collection “Reach For the Planets”! These watches have been  a rage since the launch in 2022. The watch uses the same dial as the Omega Speedmaster chronograph, but the metal case is replaced with a “bioceramic” case and its movement is quartz, instead of the NASA flight-certified mechanical movement the MoonSwatch is famous for. 

Watch Collaboration

The MoonSwatch comes in 11 different colour variants, each named for a different planetary object or mission
All of this is to say, collaborations have been prominent within watchmaking for years, and we anticipate that in 2023, we are going to see more collaborations with influencers and celebrities as Watchmakers aim to tap into the Gen Z niche, a group that is bound to be a focus in the coming years as their buying power increases, along with their interest in timepieces.

High Jewellery Watches: Coming in Hot

Part jewel, part-timekeeper, watches featuring beautifully crafted designs and adorned with diamonds and other precious gems will continue to gain popularity. In 2023, we opine that a slew of watch brands will come out with exquisite High Jewellery timepieces with an option to customise them as per the choice of the customer
We believe that amongst High Jewellery watches this colourful and jubilant style will gain even more popularity in 2023.

In League with the Champions: Sustainability

Sustainable Watches
Ulysse Nardin – Diver Net

Over the past few years, consumers have become more and more cognizant of the impact of their buying behaviour and the companies they purchase from on the environment. As awareness increases and the negative impact of climate change is felt in every corner of the earth, there has been a shift in consumer priority. They are demanding sustainable and eco-friendly products and services, and this is a demand that pervades all industries. Watchmakers like Ulysse Nardin and Breitling have already started innovating to meet this demand.
In 2020, Ulysse Nardin revealed its R-Strap, made of a polyamide yarn that’s made from recycled fishing nets. Breitling introduced sustainable straps, working with sustainable clothing company OuterKnown to create the Superocean Héritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown, the strap is crafted from ECONYL yarn, a material made from nylon waste extracted from oceans across the globe.

Sustainable Watches
Blancpain – Fifty Fathoms

Blancpain has been working on its Ocean Commitment initiative for quite some time. Having partnered with the United Nations, Biopixels Ocean Foundation and Oceana to name a few, it aims to raise awareness about the importance of ocean preservation.
We predict that the product variations and offerings like vegan straps for timepieces and eco-friendly packaging along with commitments to issues regarding climate change and sustainability will continue to be at the fulcrum of the world of Haute Horlogerie in 2023.

The Best Love Story: Women and Complications

Complicated Women Watches
Patek Philippe – No.174 603

The first complicated watch for women was produced by Patek Philippe in 1916, the No.174 603 was a small platinum watch with a 5-minute repeater. This was more than a century ago. There have always been women who harboured a love for gorgeous timepieces, but in the past few years, we have seen a steady rise in woman connoisseurs who take a keen interest in watch complications.
In the year 2023, we believe that despite the rising popularity of smartwatches, the go-to- watches for women will be complicated watches.


Complicated Women Watches
Panerai Luminor Due Luna

In 2022, Panerai unveiled the  Luminor Due Luna which is a Moon Phase complication watch for women. 
An extremely poetic and mesmerizing watch to look at. It tells us the phase of the moon and how time is passing by. 

In Vogue: Pre-loved Watches

Millennials and Gen Z watch enthusiasts have made their position on pre-loved watches clear, they love them!
Surveys conducted in 2022 across European and Asian markets have showcased the willingness of young watch enthusiasts to buy pre-loved timepieces as high. Young consumers, especially in Asia, view timepieces as investments and are open to purchasing pre-loved limited editions. Due to the scarcity of sought-after timepieces, the industry has seen a rising interest in pre-loved timepieces and online auctions have been a popular avenue for securing hard-to-find timepieces. We predict that in the coming year, brands will take the lead in securing partnerships with leading online and offline entities specialising in pre-loved products, as well as launch their own platforms in order to promote circularity in their product offerings and grab a share of the pre-loved market.

On the Up-and-up: Personalisation of Watches

Personalisation of Watches

In a world where people are constantly trying to express their personality through their clothes, accessories and social media aesthetics, the rise of watch customization is a no-brainer. People view timepieces as a dynamic investment that they can customize with dials, engravings and straps to make them unique to their taste. Even though the option to personalise timepieces has been around for a long time, the shortening trend cycles that consumers are living through, the idea of being able to update and personalise timepieces in this way is more enticing than ever. 

As the year commences, we look forward to seeing what exciting changes come about! What do you think about our predictions? Do share your comments

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