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#Watchversations: Advice from Aurel Bacs

Interview: Aurel Bacs

Aurel Bacs in conversation with Anita Khatri on embracing personal style over fads and cultivating a luxury watch collection that’s right for you

The last quarter of 2022 brought an unprecedented high for all watch connoisseurs, the GPHG travelling exhibition made its way to India for the first time, giving watch enthusiasts an opportunity to view its 84 nominated timepieces in person.

During the Ethos GPHG event in India, JAMM founder caught up with Aurel Bacs, the man responsible for the successful sale of the famed “Paul Newman” Daytona at a record-breaking $17.8 Million USD. Needless to say, this is one conversation we’d all metamorphose into a fly on the wall for!

Aurel Bacs is the co-founder of Phillips in Association with Bacs and Russo, he started his journey in the 90’s as a specialist at Sotheby’s. He chaired the GPHG jury for 9 years (2013-2020) and this year attended the event in India as a GPHG Academy Member.

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