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Bracelets or Bangles-What’s your choice?

Is a chunky bracelet and leather strap really a great choice for your wrist in this weather? Make these muggy and sweltering summer days beautiful and pleasant with some great timepieces that will definitely not fail to be your perfect summer companions.

A luminous steel mesh, a gleaming gold bangle or a dainty gold bracelet – what would you pick to adorn your wrist with? JAMM brings you a selection of timepieces you can carry on your wrist this summer.

Cartier Baignoire

This effortlessly chic timepiece has seen quite a few changes since its creation in 1912. With a shift in scale and function this year, this sophisticated piece of art also doubles as jewellery. Simple yet elegant, this watch transpires to be the quintessential match this summer. Delicate on the wrist and a treat for the eyes, you certainly can’t go wrong with this one! The dial is capped with a rich gold ribbon in this new design. The distinctive oval shaped dial is transformed into a bezel. This innovative design showcases the sensuous specifications of the piece while ensuring great comfort owing to its impeccable style. Delicate, precise and dainty – Isn’t that exactly what you need this summer?

Van Cleef and Arpels Sweet Alhambra Watch

The Alhambra theme, which debuted in 1968 has clearly stood the test of time. This splendid piece is welcomed with a variety of priceless materials, hues and graceful cuts into its iconic  collection. Looking for something light yet classy? This timepiece is intricately crafted with a beautiful and fresh floral design that is ideal for your summer collection. The 18K rose gold bracelet, consisting of a gleaming pink mother of pearl, rests lightly on your wrist and exudes femininity and gentleness. It is ideally suited for the summer with its warm colour, satiny surface and a lustrous shine. The beauty of this watch lies not only in its 18K rose gold bezel but also in its Guilloche 18K rose gold dial. Is this timepiece going to make its way into your wardrobe? Let us know!!

Chanel Première Gourmette Chain Watch

Chanel’s Première Gourmette Chain Watch personifies excellence and everlasting beauty. Breathable, airy and contemporary – its steel chain bracelet can take you through the day and into the night. A perfect companion for every look, it’s not only simple and breezy but also compelling and modern. The steel case perfectly complements the black lacquered dial.

Gucci Diamantissima Watch, 27mm

The Diamtissima watch by Gucci consists of a remarkable diamante design which is carved into its case. The steel mesh bracelet is breathable and light, making it ideal for this climate. Delicate, gentle and fine – this watch could be a great choice this summer.

These were some of our summer saviours! Let us know which one is your favourite. Having said that, this season is not just about the sticky sweat, scorching sun and the unbearable heat. It’s also about a serene sky and a radiant day. Which one did you like? Write to us at hello@jammindia.com

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