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Discover the Magic of the Ocean and Secret Watches on your wrist with Bvlgari’s Mediterranea Collection

Bvlgari’s Mediterranea Collection

Have you ever, as a little girl, imagined walking into Aladdin’s cave, wondering what it might hold, which crystals, which stones and what kind of treasurers? Have you desired to be in that passage – soaking with diamonds, bathing in sapphires and basking in bright rubies? Well, what if we tell you that you can now do just that? Today, we introduce you to the amalgamation of the splendid Italian creativity and craftsmanship with the pristine traditions of Swiss watchmaking. 

Marvellous, Exemplary and Spectacular – An extraordinary sight for the eyes, Bvlgari, with its relentless spirit of creativity and love for craftsmanship has made it possible for you to carry the magic and enchantments of the ocean on your wrist! The splendour of Haute Horlogerie can be perfectly embraced in the launch of the brand’s breathtaking Mediterranea High Jewellery collection. Divided into three different worlds and capturing all three with great attention to detail, the collection is categorised as – “Southern Radiance”, “Roman Splendour” and “East Meets West”

Just like the many secrets the ocean holds, these haute horlogerie pieces, meticulously designed, have many hidden secrets within. 

Bvlgari’s Mediterranea Collection - Giardino Marino Grande Secret Watch
Giardino Marino Grande Secret Watch

Paying homage to the grandeur of the Mediterranean world, the Giardino Marino Grande secret watch perfectly encapsulates the unprecedented combination of vibrant fish, seashells, anemones, set on tremblers, mobile corals and many other unfathomable treasures. One would need nothing else, this piece is a spectacular statement in itself as it screams resplendence and vibrancy from its core. Just like the various creatures concealed by grains of golden sand in the seabed, this timepiece conceals the dial of the watch behind the striking central fish. And similar to the majestic movements of the waves, the elements of this watch are scrupulously rested on a flexible rose gold and white gold bracelet made of well-crafted coral-shaped parts. Speaking about getting captivated, the watch consists of a starfish showing a central 3,96-carat cabochon rubellite and a striking seashell encrusted with diamonds and Paraiba tourmalines, both detachable. One can dive deeper into the depths, to find more treasures – here is more! Another splendid sapphire-paved shell, which majestically opens on pressing the round diamond to reveal another grandeur – a fine and lustrous pearl This watch, is a true delight on one’s wrist – in SUPERLATIVE! 

Bvlgari’s Mediterranea Collection - Giardino Marino Piccolo Secret Watch
Giardino Marino Piccolo Secret Watch

Cooler tones, lively hues and enchanting silhouettes. The Giardino Marino Piccolo is sprightly, vivacious and joyful. Evoking the Maison’s creativity and the wonders of aquatic life, this watch reflects the oceanic royalty with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines, tanzanite, green tourmalines, tsavorites, topaz and peridot. The longer one stares at this masterpiece, the more the intricacy of each precious piece will reveal itself. 

Bvlgari’s Mediterranea Collection - Diva’s Dream Acquarium Watch
Diva’s Dream Acquarium Watch

Imagine the glittering waters of the ocean, the exotic fish swimming through the beautiful maze of dazzling corals and gleaming sea shells, all on your wrist! Astonished, aren’t you? Continuing to shine bright, the Southern Radiance brings to us another exceptional timepiece –  The Diva’s Dream Acquarium Watch. Make heads turn, with the recreation of a miniature living aquarium on one’s wrist. The brand epitomises a sense of joy and vibrancy in this captivating timepiece in a luminous white gold with a 38mm case. The exoticism of this watch is in its impeccable creation and design consisting of blue, yellow and pink sapphires, emeralds, rubies, paraiba and diamonds. The case back is skillfully hand engraved with an exquisite marine drawing.

Bvlgari’s Mediterranea Collection - Oriental buds secret watch
Oriental Buds Secret Watch

After regenerating the marine magic, the next range brilliantly highlights the royal influences of the East and West. Hence it gets the name – East meets West. Illustrating a rich and exotic garden, with buds coming to life in their full blooms, the splendid oriental buds high jewellery secret watch, is a marvel, a wonder and a spectacle. Influenced by the Byzantine architecture, this timepiece is brimming with life with a dazzling array of diamonds, tourmalines, emeralds and sapphire beads. A gorgeous blend of nature – We are crushing over this piece, are you? Is there a secret to this artwork you ask? Well, of course there is! The focal point of this watch – A 5.65 carat Colombian cushion cut emerald is meticulously nested in a pave diamond setting. The flower majestically opens to expose the dial, which is encrusted with shimmering diamonds, when the central emerald is pushed. 

Bvlgari’s Mediterranea Collection - Cameo Imperiale Necklace Secret Watch
Cameo Imperiale Necklace Secret Watch

The timelessness of the ancient Roman city paved the way to the inspiration behind the Roman Splendour Range. To celebrate the rich Greek and Roman history, the brand has brought in the ancient cameo carving to bind together its traditional art. For all the queens reading this, this secret watch will certainly leave you mesmerised. Coupled with royalty the exquisite pendant of the Cameo Imperiale Secret Watch Necklace features a regal portrait of Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt. Crafted in a rose gold chain, this timepiece perfectly embodies all things noble. Truly designed for a queen, the case of the watch is gracefully adorned with sapphires and dazzled with snow-cut diamonds. Stealing the show and in the spotlight, the intricate design of this timepiece allows light to shine through, creating a spectacular visual effect that highlights the detailing of the craftsmanship of the watch.

Bvlgari’s Mediterranea Collection - Serpenti Misteriosi Pallini watch
Serpenti Misteriosi Pallini Watch

Serpenti! it’s here.  The 1995 Serpenti secret watch, made of yellow gold and diamonds, served as inspiration for the Serpenti Misteriosi Pallini watch. Truly dazzling, do you wish for this one to wrap itself around your wrist too? We certainly do! With an elegant balance and impeccable fit, the creation has wonderfully combined Emeralds, Paraiba tourmalines and diamonds that are set on tremblers. Crafted in white gold, this fascinating timepiece is enriched with round brilliant-cut diamonds and two pear-shaped emerald eyes. Do you have your eyes on this masterpiece? Well, we don’t blame you! We are left enchanted by this one too.

After walking through all these incredible pieces, we are certainly hypnotised by their amazing beauty and incredible designs. The designs have many beautiful individual elements, but the supreme quality of craftsmanship ensures that none of the details are missed out visually. This splendid collection will definitely cast a mesmerising spell on you too and charm you with its brilliant aesthetics. Let us know if Bvlgari has done its magic on you,  it sure did on us!

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