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“Pendant Watches: The Perfect Fusion of Time and Jewellery”

Pendant Watches

Pendant Watches, Time on a String or Sautoir watches are something to look out for in the fine watchmaking trends. Over the years, luxury watch brands have embraced this style which is reminiscent of the stylish times back from the 1970s and even before. This year at Watches and Wonders, Pendant watches made quite a statement to cater to the women’s watch market. It is not common to see a necklace which doubles up as a watch, but this ancient style to view time has made its presence felt with a form of high-end jewellery created by Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget and Van Cleef & Arpels.

Here are three exquisite jewelled neck timepieces that you may wish to get your hands on. The first one is from Jaeger-LeCoultre – Reverso Secret Necklace.

Pendant Watches - JLC

This magnificent piece of High Jewellery is a true culmination of art, rare handcrafts and fine watchmaking. This Reverso Secret Necklace is a result of blending the art of horology, jewellery, technical sophistication, creative design and aesthetic beauty.The Reverso Secret Necklace transforms into a graceful and exquisitely feminine sautoir, or long necklace. The cordonnet, the original black textile bracelet (literal translation: fine or small cord) seen on Reverso models of the 1930s has been reimagined as a supple chain of intricate diamond-set links and polished onyx beads, from which a richly gem-set Reverso is suspended. Two pendants of polished onyx charms add a refined flourish to this elegant new way of wearing the time.

To be worn with the case back turned to the front, the Reverso Secret Necklace is a beautiful Art Deco-inspired jewel that conceals time-telling until the wearer chooses to reveal it.  The dial appears to observers to be upside-down, it is set that way so that the wearer can read the time naturally as one lifts the watch to one’s line of sight. The reverse side of the pink gold case is set with white diamonds and black onyx in an intricate pattern of geometric repeats. With over 3,000 diamonds, the gem-setting required over 300 hours of meticulous work.

Next one that we are sharing is a brand that most of the women desire to own atleast one single piece if not more in their closet. It is  Van Cleef and Arpels.
Van Cleef and Arpels launched Perlée secret pendant watch

Pendant Watches

This  watch has meticulously crafted golden beads coming together in an enchanting way complementing the tones of precious stones of emeralds, rubies or sapphires. This piece’s  inspiration comes from the 17th century’s pocket watches. these secret pendant watches take the form of curved and colourful gem set pendants on a long necklace. To check the time discreetly, all one must do is rotate the bejewelled motif to reveal the dial. The watch with Rubies are set in rose gold, while sapphires and emeralds are set in yellow gold.

And the last one for today that we will talk about is Piaget – High Jewellery Sautoir Watch Piaget has launched two hand-crafted sautoirs fashioned from twisted gold chains.

Pendant Watches - PIAGET

Twisted gold starts with a single strand of wire wrapped around a mandrel to create a coil, then meticulously hand-twisted one by one and shaped into links. The tassel-style sautoir is set with a 25.38ct oval cabochon Zambian emerald to match the oval-shaped dial.

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