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Rediscovering Elegance with the The Cartier Tank Cintrée Watch

Cartier in the world of luxury watches, stands as a timeless emblem of sophistication and exceptional craftsmanship. Founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, this legendary French brand has carved its niche in history with iconic collections like Tank, Santos, and Ballon Bleu to name a few. They are symbols of prestige and style, skilfully merging classic and contemporary designs, exuding elegance.

In 1917, an Icon, the Cartier Tank was introduced, a design that changed the horological landscape. This iconic watch boasted a rectangular case, clean lines, and an enduring elegance that transcends generations, which made it a true classic. Over the years, Cartier has unveiled various Tank models, including the Tank Française, Tank Solo, Tank Anglaise, and the Tank Louis Cartier, each adding its unique variations and design elements.

In 1921, during the glamorous Art Deco era, Cartier unveiled the Cartier Cintrée with a curved elegance. It shares the Tank’s reputation of elegance and sophistication and features a distinctive curved, elongated case that gracefully embraces the wrist. While it shares the Tank’s aura of classic refinement, it’s not a sub-model of the Tank family; rather, it stands as a unique watch model with its own distinct characteristics. “Cintrée,” which means “curved” in French, pays homage to its signature curved case, a design that was both innovative and stylish in its time.

Honouring Horological History with Les Rééditions de Cartier

Cartier’s commitment to preserving its watchmaking heritage is embodied in Les Rééditions de Cartier. These sought-after timepieces closely resemble their original counterparts and are presented in limited and numbered series.

The journey of Les Rééditions began in 2021 with the Pasha Calendrier Perpétuel and the Tank Cintrée in yellow gold, were produced in a limited edition of 150 each to commemorate its centenary. In 2022, Cartier celebrated the Pebble watch’s 50th anniversary with a special release also in a limited edition of 150 pieces.

And now, we have the most recent addition to the Les Rééditions de Cartier series, the new Tank Cintrée, continuing the tradition.

It offers an even rarer and more precious version of the Cartier Tank Cintrée: Platinum—a prestigious material known for its difficulty in crafting—and Ruby, set in a cabochon on the winding crown. A significant choice of materials as it coincides with the 100th anniversary. This edition is again limited to 150 pieces.

Exhibiting enduring sophistication and refinement, the Case of the Cartier Tank Cintrée measures 46mm by 23mm and has been further refined, measuring just 6.03 mm in thickness. Inside, it houses a manual-winding movement, the calibre 9780 MC. From rail tracks and Roman numerals to apple-shaped blued hands and an “eggshell” dial, all the hallmarks of Cartier’s watchmaking expertise being present. To add the final touch of refinement, Cartier has meticulously played with finishes on the brancards (the case sides), opting for polished verticals and matte horizontals.

To conclude, “The Cartier Tank Cintrée in Platinum is a Homage to a century of masterful artistry. Its return to Cartier’s lineup celebrates its timeless curved elegance, embodying Cartier’s enduring horological legacy.”

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