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The Wonders at the Geneva Watch Days!

It’s time to dive into a world where horological marvels take the centre stage!

Picture this : You are standing in a room glowing with the radiance of exquisite timepieces. Each one is an epitome of precision and craftsmanship. And you are about to explore the enchanting world of gorgeous watches. Would you not feel like a kid in a candy store, surrounded by a dazzling sight of amazing treats? Welcome to the ultimate place for watch aficionados – The Geneva Watch Days!

At the Geneva Watch Days, time doesn’t just fly, it dances, dazzles and delights! A place where every second is a masterpiece and wristwear isn’t just an accessory but a sheer work of art. Through this feature, let’s embark on a journey where some of the most captivating chronicles of the Geneva Watch Days are unravelled, where time truly takes on a completely new dimension! A ride through luxury, innovation and craftsmanship is now going to begin!

Serpenti Misteriosi Hight Jewellery Secret Watch

Drawing inspiration from the legacy of the Roman Jeweller of Time, the Serpenti Misterioisi High Jewellery secret watches will take you into the world where luxury knows no bounds. The Serpenti Misteriosi High Jewellery watch in white diamonds is a dazzling testament to Bvlgari’s artistry. It is crafted in pristine white gold and is adorned with 32.91 carat round brilliant cut diamonds.

The other one, the Serpenti Misteriosi High-Jewellery secret watch in black with diamonds is a captivating blend of rose gold and black lacquer, adorned with the artistry of 11.9 carats of navette diamonds. The two pear shaped emeralds glimmer as the serpents hypnotized eyes. And if that’s not enough, the dial is a canvas of pure royalty with an additional 0.28 carats of pave set diamonds. Beneath the breathtaking exterior, a Picolissimo manufactured manual winding micro movement powers this wonder with a 30 hour reserve.

Monete Catene High Jewellery Secret Watches

The enchanting Monete Catene secret watches are a timeless fusion of Bvlgari’s fine artistry and the inspiration from the Gemme Nummarie concept introduced by Nicola Bulgari in the mid 60s. These watches are a captivating embodiment of Bulgari’s craftsmanship, where historical treasures take centre stage, transforming the watch cases into sculptural marvels. Crafted from luxurious gold and adorned with the sparkle of diamonds, these high jewellery timepieces gracefully drape around the wrist. The gorgeous Monete Catene High Jewelry Secret Watch is crafted with lustrous rose gold and is set with dazzling diamonds. The watch conceals a mesmerising surprise. The case cover is set with a silver denarius coin featuring emperor Caracalla who reigned from 198-217 AD.

The regal Monete Catene Dual Time High Jewelry Secret Watch is bathed in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold and is also set with baguette cut diamonds and brilliant cut diamonds! A watch made for the queen, the case features a coin depicting the emperor Septimius Severus (193-211 AD) and his spouse Julia Domna (193-217 AD). Two emerald cabochons serve as pushers to open the case and reveal the dial. These watches are powered by the “Piccolissimo” Manufacture mechanical micro-movement.

Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon 38 Mintnight

A poetic timepiece that sings the songs of the moon in the night sky as viewed from the earth. The Perpetual Moon 38 Mintnight is adorned gracefully with shimmering diamonds, mother-of-pearl and ruthenium crystals. The dial comprises ruthenium crystals and mother-of-pearl marquetry in a gentle graduation which showcases the night in shades of mint green, turquoise, teal and sky blue. These pleasant shades of blue are complemented by the stunning diamonds that sparkle on the bezel, horns and hour-markers. The sky above the blue, mint-green and turquoise hills features the earth’s natural satellite and hand painted stars. The timepiece showcases a grand lunar disc, gracefully adorning a vast window spanning from 10 to 2 o’clock, meticulously carved to mirror the Earth’s celestial companion, with all its enchanting phases on display.

Oris Artelier

A classy and fine piece with a smooth and round 38mm stainless steel case has been meticulously designed keeping in mind comfort and practicality. The sleek design of the watch seamlessly connects lugs to a luxurious leather strap. The hands, gently tapered and lit with a delicate lume, dance on the dial’s outer edge, offering legibility without intrusion. Speaking of the dial, you have two enchanting options: a deep black or a mature forest green. Inside the Artelier resides a Swiss Made mechanical marvel, the automatic calibre Oris 733, powered by the iconic Red Rotor, visible through a transparent case back.

Unique designs, asymmetrical shapes and bold creations come together effortlessly to give life to some of these incredible pieces of art. Which of these pieces have managed to catch your attention? Let us know and write to us at @hello@jammindia.com.

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