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India’s First And Only Watch Club For Women, JAMM Celebrated Womanhood In Association With Time Avenue


Over the years, we’ve seen Men timepieces dominating the watch market. Fortunately this is not the scene anymore. We see, acknowledge and praise these powerful Independent women who choose to live on their own terms. Today a women is not just restricted to a pretty looking bejewelled watch but can confidently carry the most complicated timepiece and exuberate style, confidence and power while adorning this complicated mechanism.

With an aim to indulge in fine conversation around watchmaking, JAMM presented Watversation, in association with Time Avenue on 4th March,2022.

JAMM advisor and Director Time Avenue -Nikki Rajan(right) along with Anita Khatri Founder of JAMM(left) hosted this fun filled evening at China House Terrace, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai


A tete-a-tete with ladies, showing off their wrist (read Watches) while exchanging notes and talking all about watches. Guest List included Socialites and women of power like Nisha Jamwal, Reema Advani, Shirin Shah, Sonia Sankhe, Neha Asrani etc and other women followers of JAMM on Instagram.


Time Avenue, The Watch Boutique, located in Mumbai showcased delectable timepieces for Women. These timepieces and conversations were indeed a fun filled evening of #Watchversations. To build up the excitement, was an impromptu quiz on all things watches. The quiz session got the women attendees to have a good time while competing with other groups.


– Curated by team JAMM

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